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Anne Frank´s Diary is Anne´s story of hope in the midst of the nightmare of the Holocaust. This young girl´s experience was brought to the world´s attention through the amazing discovery of the her diary just after Liberation at the end of WWII. 

A gifted writer at the tender age of 13. Anne was able to capture the essence of human suffering during the Holocaust as she wrote her feelings, thoughts & dreams.

With excerpts from the actual diary, ANNE FRANK'S DIARY enables us to see and have a greater understanding of the tragedy of the Holocaust.

The HolocausT

The Holocaust is a remarkable and important film that captures the heroism and bravery of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Jewish Partisans who desperately tried to free their brethren.
At the same time, it portrays the horrors of Kristlenacht, Babí Yar and the concentration camps.
The Holocaust film incorporating significant archival footage.

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