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Itineraries through Sephardic Spain

José Luis Lacave

ISBN 978-84-8005-176-7, 208 págs.

The fundamental objective of this Guide is to assist the traveller interested in discovering and getting to know all the traces that still remain in Spain of Judaism and of the mediaeval Jews.

To this end it proposes eleven itineraries through the length and breadth of the country which comprise a complete journey through the material imprint that the Jews left behind in Spain.

In this work there is an exhaustive account of all the Spanish cities where a Jewish Quarter is preserved, with its streets and archways and the walls and gates that isolated it from the rest of the city. There is also an account of the synagogues, even when converted into churches, or of the sites where they once used to be. And there are reports on Jewish, religious and other types of monuments that still exist in our country, on Hebrew gravestones, generally kept in museums, on objects used in the liturgy or ornaments or other types of object, such as rings, earrings an seals, on the Hebrew inscriptions and archives or libraries with documents relating to the Jews, on paintings of mediaeval Jews and on place-names, legends, snatches of song and allusive sayings.

A special section has been devoted to the Inquisition, indicating where the tribunals were, where the autos-de-fé (burnings at the stake) took place and where the incinerator used to be.

Lastly, in this Guide an account is given of the historical events connected with the Jews as well as the locations where they took place.

This, therefore, is the most complete and up-to-date Guide to Jewish Spain available today.

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