NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (2024)

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Colorado Springs, CO or Online | March 15–19, 2025

Orlando, FL or Online | May 24–28, 2025

NEW! Our LIVE Internal Medicine Review Course gives you what you need to ace the boards in 5 days of expert-guided lectures.

Early Bird Discount! Take $600 off for a limited time.

    What's Included
    • 13 expert-lead sessions from the best physician educators
    • Opportunities to ask each speaker questions about the content in their lecture
    • 480-page full color printed syllabus
    • 12-month access to every recorded session
    • Supplemental videos: Statistics and Acid-Base Disorders
    • DownloadableStudyWiseguide
    • Option to attend in-person or livestream from anywhere you study best

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      Return Policy

      All courses purchased during a promotional period (when a promotional code is used) are nonrefundable.

      All other courses can be cancelled up to 10 days before the first day of the course for a full refund, less $100. No refunds will be provided for cancellations less than 10 days from the start of the course.

      See further details on our FAQ page.

      41 CME & MOC

      This product provides you the opportunity to earn:
      41 CME credits & MOC points

      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (5)

      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (6)

      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (7)

      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (8)

      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (9)

      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course

      Regular price

      Regular price
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      Join us onsite or virtually

      Internal Medicine Course Schedule

      2025 schedule coming soon!

      See the 2024 Review Course schedule

      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (10)

      5 days of expert-led review

      Get a dedicated review

      This course will get you board-ready in just 5 days. Connect with 14 expert physician educators and hundreds of other IM docs!

      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (11)

      12-month access to lectures

      Review lectures for 12 months

      We record each lecture live, and add it to your account. Review every lecture as many times as you need to!

      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (12)

      the best syllabus out there

      Review with a standout syllabus

      Our full-color printed book contains all the content from every slide, formatted for easy reading and note-taking

      The syllabus is a learning tool on it's own (free with your videos!)

      We have a session dedicated to every topic you'll see on the ABIM boards

        • Allergy & Immunology
        • Cardiology
        • Dermatology
        • Endocrinology
        • Gastroenterology
        • General Internal Medicine
        • Hematology
        • Infectious Disease
        • Nephrology
        • Neurology
        • Oncology
        • Psychiatry
        • Pulmonary Medicine
        • Rheumatology
        • Acid-base disorders (video supplement)
        • Statistics (video supplement)

      Review Course FAQs

      What's the difference between online and onsite?

      The onsite course allows you to travel and interact with fellow course attendees and the expert educators who lead each lecture.

      The online course is accessible from anywhere you have Internet access.

      Both course options come with a syllabus and 12-month access to the lecture recordings.


      For a limited time, you can save $600 when you book your course with the early bird price. Groups of five or more are also able to purchase all MedStudy learning tools at a discounted rate. You canreach out to our teamto discuss the custom package you need.


      With the course, you'll have the most up-to-date content. You'll be able to engage with both the speakers and other attendees. Your print full-color syllabus will be in handbefore the event begins, and once it's over you can use it as a study resource. Plus, you'll be able to watch the videos for one year after the course ends.

      MedStudy's Internal Medicine Video Board Reviewis a professionally edited recording from our most recent Online Review Course.Available in two formats, you receive digital access to itthrough your myMedStudy account or are shipped a USB in 3–5 business days. You are not able to engage with speakers (as they are pre-recorded videos), but you will have access to the videos through the CME expiration.

      how do i book in the medstudy room block?

      For the March course in Colorado Springs, CO: book your discounted room here!

      For the May Course in Orlando, FL: book your discounted room here!

      Hurry! Room block reservations are first come, first serve. It is possible rooms will sell out.

      Past course attendees give our Review Course 5 stars

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 37 reviews













      Concise & Focused

      It was great presentation by the various specialty physicians, trying to hone in on the course material very frequently tested on boards.


      Francisca Onuoha, MD


      Excellent as always!


      Beata Anasz-Kopecka, MD

      They keep you interested

      Very good speakers, they keep you awake and interested.


      afshin khmas



      Vashdeo Harjani

      Great work. Thank you






      NEW! 2025 Internal Medicine Review Course (2024)


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